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Showcase all your communities to contractors, consultants and the public, so you can sell more house and land packages using canibuild’s streamlined sales process. Manage sales through up to date status system. Advertise and promote through integration and marketing. Selling has never been easier.
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Sell Communities easier than ever before

Integrate into a CRM or any existing system you have so that your sales information is always up to date. No more poring over lot plans, ringing sales agents and emailing people about what is and isn’t available. Have your information update instantly and automatically. So anyone at anytime can see which lots are available, which are on hold and which are sold. Save time and sell faster by cutting out the admin tasks that cause delays.
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Saving you time

Generate community packages

Create as many community packages as you need and do it all in moments, not weeks. Packages that are buildable, approvable, and aligned with your community and clients. canibuild streamlines your whole sales process saving you time and making it easier to sell.
Quick and easy

Download Site plans and Collateral, Instantly

Within a few minutes, you can site a proposed build, create a detailed site plan, and marketing flyer. Send your clients home to consider their options with accurate and detailed information from the very first meeting. No more time consuming sales plans for each lot. In a competitive market, you want to get ahead of your competitors and these instant downloads help turn your audience into buyers.

Display your community directly to sales people and there clients.

A great way to showcase your communities and win more sales. canibuild can include services and building envelopes to help builders, consultants, and the general public make decisions quicker and easier.

Utilise canibuild to include as much information as you wish. Everything from easements and local council and county guidelines to detailed topography at 1 ft  intervals and even dedicated green spaces. It’s the quick and easy way to give potential buyers all the information they need so they can decide what they want to buy.

Make sure your land is in front of potential clients across the US.

Generate sales flyers in 1 minute

Get started today

Sell community packages faster and easier with canibuild’s streamlined sales platform.