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Our site plan app is intuitive and easy to use. And the best part is that it won’t take months to implement. You’ll be able to start using canibuild’s software immediately to change the way you sell.

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Instant topography elevations

With canibuild you have access to detailed topography elevation information for any address in the US. Work out where best to place your ADU, without having to spend time and money on a surveyor. You’ll be able to give your client answers on the spot.
Call time on workarounds

ADU siting made easier.

As an ADU Contractor you know that adding another structure isn’t always allowed or possible. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to advise clients about whether they can add an ADU from the first meeting? Call time on fiddly workarounds and late nights drawing up plans and conducting searches, instead get your answers with a click of a button.
Upload your designs

Customized ADU site plan sales tool

canibuild is completely customizable. This means you can upload your designs and then site them on any parcel of land in the country. This helps streamline your sales process and win more clients. But the best part is it only takes a couple of days to set up and learn.

Success stories

Hear from other ADU contractors from around the globe who have used canibuild to change the way they sell.


Both ease and speed of use if tremendously useful for myself & client. We're quickly able to identify build location & orientation.

Ramon DunlayRescon Builders

We adopted canibuild in late 2020 and it immediately became integral to our selling & feasibility review process. In the first call with our clients, we are able to get them answers on what they can build based on local ADU zoning rules. We are also able to quickly agree on the placement of the ADU - without an in-person site visit - so that we can move forward with the project. It has supported our growth by enabling us to handle infill development more like a production builder.

Whitney Hill SnapADU

canibuild brings all the tools I use together, making my job as easy as possible. I now rely upon it to get my work done as effeciently as possible.

Anthony AntounGranny Flat Solutions

Site plan app for ADU contractors.

As an ADU Contractor, a site plan app is useful for answering initial questions posed by a client. Is an ADU even allowed to be built on their parcel of land? What restrictions or regulations impact their build? The bonus with canibuild is that you can do all this without leaving your office, and without having to wait for surveyor or council information. We all know how long that can take.

canibuild’s ADU site plan app allows you to look up any address in the US and site your designs within minutes. This will save you time and money.

Our site plan app is easy to set up and user friendly. So no need to worry about complicated technology – canibuild will have you changing the way you sell and selling more in no time.

Partnering with canibuild means you can streamline your sales process

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Book in a free 1 hour Zoom demonstration.

  2. Confirm subscription level and sign up.

  3. canibuild team uploads all your designs & info.

  4. Training with canibuild team is scheduled.

  5. Account manager assigned & you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Platform
How often does the imagery update?

Use our High Resolution aerial imagery is updated up to 6 times per year.  We pull imagery from a wide variety of sources, providing our users the most up to date images available.  And, did you know you can  filter through different times to see the site at different times.  Simply click on the date stamp on above the map on the Sales Platform.

Can I use canibuild on my mobile phone or iPad?

Yes! canibuild is cloud-based, therefore you can use the platform on any device from your browser.

Is there a limit on house & land packages per lot?

There is no limit.

Where does your High Resolution Imagery come from?

A range of different providers including; private, public, and government organisations.  Our AI is constantly filtering through the various datasets to display the most up to date, clear imagery for our users. 

The Community I’m looking for isn’t listed, how do I find it?

We are constantly updating our Communities on canibuild.  If a Community you’re after is missing, please contact via the service portal link via the HELP CENTER button above.

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