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Residential site plan software for builders who want to streamline the way they sell.

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Real-Time 3D capability for visual selling

canibuild’s software also gives you the option of Real-Time 3D rendering so you and the client can interact with any of your designs. Illustrate factors like build shadows and retaining walls, and autocalculate site costs with the touch of a button.
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canibuild 3d inside
real-time 3d - house.png
canibuild 3d inside
real-time 3d - house.png
canibuild 3d inside
Real time info

Estate sales made easy

Search thousands of lots from over 2,700 estates listed on canibuild, and immediately know which land has a deposit placed on it, sold, or is available. All information about the land is at your fingertips - utilities, easements and zoning details. You can site different designs on the lot and even facilitate a purchase from within the platform. An easier process means more sales.
Upload your designs

Customised residential site plan software

canibuild is completely customisable. This means you can upload your designs and then site them on any block of land in the country. This helps streamline your sales process and win more clients. But the best part is it only takes a couple of days to set up and learn.

Success stories

Hear from home builders around Australia who have used canibuild to change the way they sell.


"We have been delighted by canibuild and we have very successfully incorporated the platform into our way of selling. Our New Homes Consultants have embraced the technology and love how it simplifies our sales process. The support from Tim, Jim and the canibuild office has been exceptional and their accessibility to all of our team has helped make the rollout of the platform so much easier. We are very much looking forward to developing our partnership with canibuild and we are excited by their development of this type of technology for our industry."

Simon Curtis G.J. Gardner Homes

It has been incredible to watch Canibuild grow in front of my eyes for the last 18 months, since we started using the site in Jan 2021. I cannot stress how much Canibuild has streamlined our sales process. It saves me time producing site plans, with precise data, and always impresses our clients. I'm still only using a small section of what the site is capable of and I'm excited to keep learning more! Help desk portal enquiries are answered promptly and new estates uploaded with ease. Its been the best tool I've used in my sales process to date.

Jo Sheldrick-DohertyGJ Gardner Homes

The app is making the search process faster. The ability to place a proposed plans or hours on a site looks very professional and is helping us make good first impressions with our potential clients… The contour feature and high resolution, up to date images are a stand out.

Daniel R.MAAP House

Residential site plan software for home builders

As a home builder, canibuild's residential site plan software will help you grow your business. The technology allows you to site a build and quote it quickly and accurately without physically being on site. This means you'll save time and money, as well as win more clients. You'll have everything from high quality aerial images to detailed contours data. Council and other regulatory information will also be at your fingertips. 

Imagine being able to input your own design so within seconds you can show a client what a house will look like on their block of land. You'll be able to give on the spot advice about the design and the cost. Faster than your competitors who may still be making appointments for surveyors. A client is more likely to trust you if you can give them answers on the spot. And that's exactly what our residential site plan software does.

canibuild is your partner in residential site planning. It's quick to set up and easy to use. And that means your sales staff will be super charged with information and equipped to win more work. Already used by some of the biggest builders in the country, it's an easy choice if you want to streamline your sales process and win more work.

Partnering with canibuild means you can streamline your sales process. 

Help your sales team win contracts by giving them the information your clients are seeking. And the best part is that it won’t take months to implement. You’ll be able to start using canibuild’s software immediately to change the way you sell.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Book in a free 1 hour Zoom demonstration.

  2. Confirm subscription level and sign up.

  3. canibuild team uploads all your designs & info

  4. Training with canibuild team is scheduled.

  5. Account manager assigned & you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Platform
How often does the imagery update?

Use our High Resolution aerial imagery is updated up to 6 times per year.  We pull imagery from a wide variety of sources, providing our users the most up to date images available.  And, did you know you can  filter through different times to see the site at different times.  Simply click on the date stamp on above the map on the Sales Platform.

The Estate I’m searching for isn’t appearing. How do I find it?

We are constantly updating our Estates on canibuild, with over 2,700 on the platform to date.  If an Estate you’re after is missing, please contact us via the HELP CENTRE button above.

Can I use canibuild on my mobile phone or iPad?

Yes! canibuild is cloud-based, therefore you can use the platform on any device from your browser.

Is there a limit on house & land packages per lot?

There is no limit.

Where does your High Resolution Imagery come from?

A range of different providers including; private, public, and government organisations.  Our AI is constantly filtering through the various datasets to display the most up to date, clear imagery for our users. 

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