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Help convert leads by creating instant site plans and marketing flyers that can you can download in seconds. Send your clients off from the first meeting with professional documentation to help speed up the decision process.
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Professional documents

Whether you’re downloading a site plan or a flyer, you get a professional document in seconds. Remove the reliance and cost of a draftsperson to draw up your plans. Save time and money!

Download a site plan in 1 minute

After discussing a site with the client and what can and can’t be done on it, they can walk away with an instant copy of their personalised site plan.

The site plans includes all details captured during the consultation, including;

  • desired floor plan/model, outling any upgrades discussed

  • Lot number or Address

  • The dimensions and boundaries of the land

  • Annotations identifying sewer, utilities, demolition, etc.

  • Take offs made during the siting

  • Site’s contours including the Natural Ground Levels and Finished Floor Levels

If the client wants to see an alternative version of their site plan with the floor plan flipped, or perhaps a new design entirely, you can simply create a new deal to create a new site plan. Give your clients all viable build options quickly and easily.

canibuild site plan - 1 minute download
1 minute download

Branded Sales Flyer

Instead of scribbling a few details on a brochure and sending the client away, download a professional flyer that contains all the details you’ve discussed with the client. Brand it with your logo and colours, add the client’s name, address, the façade they’ve chosen and even the floorplan, including any floor plan upgrades they like. A quick and easy way to leave a lasting impression and set you apart from competitors.
Keep the momentum going

Download CAD file in minutes

With just the click of a button, download a CAD file for the design your client is interested in. Email to draftsperson ready for them to make amends or add more detail for the next step in the process. The canibuild Marketplace CAD File takes 5 minutes and costs just $10!

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