Site Visits have always been regarded as essential in the construction industry. But, thanks to new technology it’s finally time to say goodbye to site visits. 

For a build to be successful, several elements have to come together. They include people and design, as well as materials and products. Although development and training are seen to be extremely vital for a building project to run smoothly, a lot of other factors must be considered. Without these factors, a successful project will be unattainable.

One of such factors are site visits. This is one aspect that is usually downplayed during the project planning phase. But the importance of a site visit cannot be underestimated. It helps to mitigate risk while helping builders to calculate and control costs. Clients also benefit from site visits because it is the medium through which they determine how achievable their dream build is.


The problem with modern-day site visits

Site visits are usually determined by the type of projects to be completed. The project could be electrical, mechanical, as well as structural or architectural in nature. But no matter what the discipline is, site visits remain the best way to determine how effectively the project can progress.

The benefits of site visits are obvious. But what slips under the radar is its ability to consume time, money and resources. Unfortunately, with the increase in demand and scarcity of resources, physical site visits are fast becoming outdated. Think of the time you would have to spend travelling to the site of a potential client to plan and inspect the site of a potential build. You spend valuable resources and labor but most importantly, you waste precious time. All this without a guarantee that you can close the deal, potentially leaving you at a loss.


Stop wasting time on physical site visits when you can do it virtually

Creative pool builders are now using Canibuild to save time conducting site visits while still redeeming all it’s benefits. Put simply, Canibuild allows you to perform all the necessary checks and design tasks from your office, lounge room or local cafe. With the help of this innovative platform, you can verify the cost, compliance and suitability of a pool or any kind of build. Canibuild even allows you to generate a design for you client in just a few clicks. Producing complete sketch plan of their property with the proposed pool. All in real time. Saving you time.  

  • Check Your Address
    Enter your site address and Canibuild with provide all the information that you need. This includes LOT number, frontage, council and approval type to name a few.
  • Choose Items
    Do everything online. Upload your own plans to the portal in an instant. You will create a digital catalogue of all your designs that you will later use during your sales & approval process.
  • Place item
    Scroll and place your chosen designs on the client’s property instantly. Use the online editing tools to design the final product. Rearrange the placement, change the shape or create a new one from scratch. All in just a few clicks
  • Review information
    Finally, review all the design features and information from your sketch plan. Use Canibuild to present the information to the client and close deals faster.

Don’t get left behind

By implementing this single platform, pool builders across New South Wales are saving time (and therefore money) travelling to and from site visits, performing design and approval tasks instantly and closing deals faster.

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