Siting and placement of a swimming pool or secondary dwelling is one of the first hurdles that all contractors and builders must overcome before valid conversations about price can take place with a client. Canibuild’s automatically generated site help solve this issue.

Canibuild has made revolutionary progress in the construction world by achieving 100% automatically generated site plans. Site plans are downloadable in seconds. This means that builders can save more time and money, and therefore sell more, faster.

The typically long-winded process is eliminated. For instance, what would typically take days to complete is achieved in seconds. As a result, builders across the world have noticed an increase in sales after using Canibuild. Above all, Canibuild ensures that there is constant communication between client and builder. This is achieved by providing all answers regarding feasibility instantly, therefore limiting any delays when it comes to answering client questions 


Why do you need site plans? 

Confusion can derail a possible sale and as a result can cause stress, frustration and financial strain halfway through a build! 

1.Site plans show the client exactly where the new structure is to be positioned. Confusion on location and distances from back fences, neighbours and main structures should be eliminated. Click here for a quick tutorial regarding placement of your structure!

2. Site plans can contain as little or as much information as you want. They can include measurements relating to: access, distances and sizes, contours and slope on the site, trees and their sizes, as well as notations using the annotation feature so relevant discussion points are not missed. 

3. Site plans provide exceptional customer service. Client expectations and access to technology is high so providing detailed site plans is an assumption that most clients will make.

4. Site plans can be emailed over to the client on the spot, saving time. This allows you to move to the next phase quicker.   

How to access automatically generated site plans? 

Consultants can be costly and engaging an architect/surveyor to draw up site plans for each potential client is not realistic. As a result, the Canibuild team has created an application with a direct aim of making the process simpler. 

1. Site plans are free with any canibuild subscription 

2. Site plans do not depend on any architect or consultant. They are 100% automatically generated depending on the information that you input. 

3. Site plans save you an enormous amount of time as you do not need to wait for anyone

4. Site plans can be emailed to the client on the spot

5. You can generate as many site plans as you need without any charges or time constraints  

What can these automatic site plans contain?

1. Canibuild’s automatically generated site plans are as detailed as any architectural drawn plan. 

2. They will be individualised and contain your logo and details in the title block

3. Our site plans can include as many annotations/ comments as you need

4. Our site plans can include contours and slope 

5. Our site plans can include trees and their sizes

6. Our site plans include the structure and the plan chosen 

7. Our site plan can include measurements 

8. Our site plans can include set backs

Sign up for your free trial and demo to understand how Canibuild can help business’ like your sell more of what you build. It’s the user-friendly and easy to understand. It’s the application that is transforming the construction industry world wide. Make sure you contact us for more information because we would love to show you!

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