Construction is an extremely slow process, and the lack of innovation in the industry is further amplifying this issue. Innovation in construction is a must.

The word ‘innovation’ and construction are not synonymous, instead they are complete opposites. Whilst the majority of other industries – such as finance, baking and transport – have embraced technology within the workplace, construction continues to remain traditional in the way in which it operates. Many builders still heavily rely upon practices such as site visits and freehand sketches of new structures, causing greater delays.

The sales process in construction is often prolonged for the majority of builds therefore, causing delays. This is typically due to a constant back and forth between the client and the builder. This is primarily due to the inability to translate a client’s ideas onto paper, culminating in continuously changing the design of the build. Clients are left to imagine what a structure would look like on a particular property. This makes the decision-making process an extremely slow one.  

This long decision-making process can be simplified with the addition of construction applications such as Canibuild.

Canibuild has a direct aim of disrupting the construction industry and creating the necessary changes. In a recent report from the Mckell institute, it is stated that Australian industries must either ‘innovate or perish,’ with businesses who embrace the concept of innovation twice as likely to report increased productivity. 

“In order to continue our run of over 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth, Australia must seize the significant economic and social opportunities that digital technologies bring.”

Hon Karen Andrews

Minister for Industry Science and Technology

This is pivotal for Australia’s construction industry, which contributes over $134.2 billion to the country’s economy, comprising 8% of the GDP. Being one of the largest industries in Australia and still relying upon traditional methods, the industry is ripe for innovation. 

It’s the article headline that is prevalent in media sources everywhere. Changes must happen in the construction industry in order for the industry to strive further. 

The industries only limitation is it’s failure to embrace the technology available.

Drones and virtual reality are one example of how the construction industry is adapting to innovation, with many builders utilising drones as a means of monitoring logistics and deliveries; virtual reality  is also used as a method of showcasing designs and builds. This new methodology highlights the importance of innovation within the industry, with builders such as Build Change able to now construct worldwide thanks to the new addition of virtual reality. 

Canibuild, developed in 2019 is a construction application that aims to globally disrupt the construction industry.

Canibuild makes it even simpler to close deals faster and speed up the long-winded process by summarising the entire sales process in just a few minutes. To put it simply, with Canibuild builders can sell more of what they build –  It’s construction sold virtually. 

“The need to physically visit a site is eliminated – everything is completed online using high resolution imagery. Every detail ranging from council rules and regulations to approval and quotes is available on this application, summarizing the entire sales process. One application. That’s all a builder now needs to expand globally and generate an astronomical increase in sales.”

Timothy Cocaro

Canibuild Founder

Canibuild is now relied upon by companies across New South Wales such as All Castle Homes, Granny Flat solutions and Tranquility Pools is changing the construction industry entirely, helping to drive in maximum sales in limited time, and low expenditure.

“It’s the future of construction,” said Cocaro. “and I can’t wait to see the impact Canibuild will have on the construction sector.”

On Canibuild, users can search for a property located anywhere within Australia.

High resolution imagery of the property are instantly available along with vital council rules and regulations. Users can then scroll through their pre-uploaded layouts and place them on a property. This allows for users to instantly visualise what the new structure will look like on a particular block. Users can also understand whether it complies for fast track approval.Users can understand the feasibility of any build, creating quotes instantly. What about architectural plans? They are available in less than twenty four hours. 

The entire sales process is limited to one application that does it all for you.  

“Builders can use Canibuild when working alongside clients. Clients can visually see what a particular structure will look like and understand feasibility instantly without any delay. It helps builders get the job done quicker. We’re helping pool builders, Granny Flat builders, home builders, landscapers.. Canibuild can be used for anything construction related and it’s extremely user friendly.” said Cocaro. 

Users can now sign up to Canibuild for a free thirty day trial to test out the application. There’s no commitments and you can cancel at any time. 

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