The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly impacted business on a global scale. This means that turning construction virtual is now more crucial than ever before. 

Since the outbreak of the global Coronaviurs pandemic, companies have been forced into liquidation due to their inability to operate and millions around the world are left unemployed as a result. In Australia, a second wave is approaching causing stress and anxiety amongst business owners of all industries, culminating in the loss of over 700,000 jobs. The construction industry in particular, although typically noted as an ‘essential service’, has felt the implications of COVID-19, leading both construction and product delays, higher material costs and overall lowered consumer confidence. 

Australia’s Largest Industry

Contributing over $132.2 billion to Australia’s economy and comprising 9% of the GPD, the construction industry is notably the country’s largest and most crucial industry.

“Construction business linked this to economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has dampened client confidence, increased risk version and lowered investment demand.”

Peter Burn 

Head of Policy, Ai Group

As a result of the implications COVID-19 has had on construction, government grants, such as the Home Builder grant are announced with a direct aim of encouraging individuals to build, helping the construction industry stay afloat. Regardless of this however, residential construction has slowed dramatically, with the need for innovation now more crucial than ever.

Need for Innovation

A recent survey conducted by EY concluded that only 28% of construction and engineering companies have a digital strategy in place, whilst another 16% believe that a digital approach is not necessary. However, this reliance upon traditional methods and inability to accept technology is the reasoning behind the liquidation of so many construction companies globally. In order for builders to continue to operate during  the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is crucial, and failure to adapt can be detrimental. 

From drones and 3D printers to construction CRM’s, in this new age technology is readily available, helping companies boost productivity, limit expenditure and optimise ability to hit targets. 

Canibuild is disrupting the construction industry one builder at a time, transforming the construction sales process drastically. Already relied upon by builders across Australia, with prime examples including RESCON Builders, Narellan Pools and Granny Flat Solutions – Canibuild is helping builders sell more and continue to operate during the COVID-19 crisis.

Taking the guesswork out of construction

With Canibuild, builders can search for any property within Australia, view high resolution imagery and know if they can build instantly by viewing all vital planning rules and council information. Builders can then place pre-uploaded designs on the site, quote and download architectural plans. It’s a simple, easy to understand application that has it all. 

“Here at RESCON builders we have adapted Canibuild since pre-covid and have continued to rely upon it through this pandemic. Whilst most builders struggle with the idea of turning virtual overnight, Canibuild has always been a vital part of our construction sales process, allowing us to continue to make sales. We now understand site feasibility instantly and complete assessments virtually, eliminating site visits and face to face interactions with clients. It’s a tool we will continue to use, and that we constantly recommend to others for it’s phenomenal service and approach to construction.”

Ahnaf Ahsan
RESCON Builders, Approvals Specialist 

The long-winded decision making process affiliated with the construction sales process is simplified, with construction now sold virtually.  

From tele-health and robotics to zoom meetings and working remotely, embracing technology is paramount for any company wishing to operate through the pandemic and beyond. The success of a company is now governed by its ability to integrate technology, changing the way society operates on a daily basis. For the construction industry in particular, applications such as Canibuild are the new way forward.

Canibuild currently offers free one on one demonstrations in order to help builders understand the positive implications it can have on their company, and how they can sell more. To book in a one on one demonstration or sign up the applications, simply click the button below and contact us today.

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