The countdown to summer is always on for swimming pool contractors. Always.

The countless hours of planning, sales and construction all culminating in the arrival of summer and the completion of pools across Australia. It’s a stressful time for companies like yourself, so why not try and make your job a little easier?

Let’s eliminate the sales process. That’s right. Say goodbye to site visits and say hello to the modern day application that will guarantee you success.

Why dedicate hours to a site visit when you can have it completed in a minute? Driving hours to see potential clients? Don’t. Click a button instead and scroll through the feasibility of a pool on any property. Canibuild essentially summarises the entire sales process for you in three simple steps, making it completely hassle-free, answering the client’s questions with the quick click of a button.

There is no longer a need to spend excessive amounts of money and time on site visits. Instead, this precious time can be allocated to focusing on the client’s individual needs and concerns using the business-friendly application, Canibuild, that revolutionises the entire sales process. You can now virtually complete site visits from anywhere in the world!

So, how does it work? What’s the secret to saving thousands of dollars? How can you save hours and close deals faster?

  • Understanding the Property

    Typically, this step would include countless hours of driving to potential sites to conduct measurements. But not anymore. Simply type in the address of any property and generate a satellite image. Canibuild provides you with key details about the property including floor space, site coverage, landing zone and other measurements. All the information required formatted onto one easy to understand page.
  • Let’s Design!

    Sketch after sketch after sketch. Trying to work out the perfect design to not only suit the property, but to satisfy the clients. Hard work? Canibuild makes it easy.Scroll through the variety of pool designs and choose which one you like best. Not satisfied? Customise your design through changing the dimensions and shape of the structure and see how it fits on the property. Canibuild will give you an instant answer as you move the structure along the property of whether a pool can be built on that area. Find the perfect placement in under thirty seconds.
  • Site Plan & Quote

    One click… done. Minimal effort. Incredible results.An entire sate map completed in minutes. Want to generate an architectural plan? Simply download it. Canibuild completes your work for you, making the entire process easy as 1,2,3. So stop wasting time and get on board with Canibuild before your competitors do.

It’s the seamless business experience that will make you stand out from the rest.

Spend more time catering to your clients and less time worrying about the details. The technological innovation excites customers, helping you close deals faster and focus on the growth of your business. Happier clients, great reviews and more sales.

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