Canibuild is an Australian software that explores the rare intersection between construction and technology, helping builders across the world gain extensive knowledge regarding any property. This means that builders can now operate anywhere in the world through the implementation of Canibuild in their workplace, no longer needing to operate within a certain radius from their main office.

Director of RESCON Builders – Australia’s leading Granny Flat building company – Timothy Cocaro, described the implementation of technology in the workplace as “the future of Construction.” With his years of experience in the building industry, his background in computing and his love for IT leading to the innovative software of Canibuild that aims to target all the issues that builders face regularly.

From a technological point of view, other industries have made drastic changes, whereby applications have transformed industries. A prime example of this change is Uber; an application that has transformed the entire travel industry with an average of four million Australians relying heavily upon the application every quarter. Canibuild aims to do just this, helping builders across the nation expand beyond their local areas and grow.

“Unlike other industries, the construction field has not adapted to the innovative changes. Instead, the process continues to remain traditional with the majority of builders following a similar guideline. As a result of this, residential construction becomes highly fragmented, operating in local areas only, making the possibility of expansion almost impossible for any builder.”

Timothy Cocaro
Canibuild Director

There are over five hundred councils in Australia, thousands of planning rules and regulations. One builder simply cannot recall all this information within mere seconds and provide answers. The answers asked by clients require research and allocated time to ensure that the correct answers are provided. This is what causes the frustration – the inability to answer questions instantly, and is something that Cocaro has seen happen time and time again in the workplace.

This led to the creation of Canibuild, a sales application that works for everyone. All this information is laid out on one easy to understand page. Builders can answer these questions immediately allowing for effective communication between both the builder and the client.

Analogically, just as the world relies on and uses Google to receive answers to their constant questions on a daily basis, construction uses Canibuild. Through this application, any sales team can determine price, sustainability and placement for any date, anywhere in the world.

“We have designed the perfect application that helps to increase sales and revenue, whilst keeping expenditure low. Site visits, constant meetings between client and builder; they are no longer needed. Instead, the application generates all crucial information regarding a property, indicating whether approval is possible or not.” This ultimately means that builders can expand their business beyond their local councils.

The development team, along with Cocaro continue to work to perfect the application. As issues arise within the construction field, Canibuild works to provide answers for both builders and clients. Stay tuned!

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