With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, attention has focused on the ability to continue to operate business from home.

This typically means a heavy reliance on technology. Unlike most industries, the construction sector has not adapted to the innovative changes available, with the building process continuing to remain extremely traditional. The result being an industry which is  highly fragmented, with builders finding it a struggle to continue to operate in such a volatile environment.  

The challenge faced by all businesses is mind blowing  – keeping up with drastic changes within society whilst still running a business. Many companies across Australia are struggling significantly, with little contingency to get through the hard times ahead.  Builders certainly no exception. 

This is a time when technology suddenly becomes the centre of many industries who rely on traditional methods, with construction being a prime example. To make it easier to transition, here are a few tips to help both employees and employers out: 


construction site visit

Eliminating Site Visits for Construction Companies

The first step of any sales process within the construction industry is centered around a site visit. Builders ultimately invest thousands of dollars, paying consultants to drive to potential sites and speak with clients regarding their interest in building, assessing the property and providing a quote.

Builders across Australia can no longer do this, and instead are turning to business applications and online tools such as Canibuild to continue to operate in a safe manner. Canibuild allows builders to assess properties and understand the feasibility of a new structure online, without having to visit a site and meet clients face to face.

“We’re taking precautions here at RESCON Builders for the safety of both our staff and clients; many businesses are. However, what separates us from most is our ability to still complete our work and gain sales through our reliance on technology.” Said Director of Granny Flat Building company, RESCON Builders.  “We use applications such as canibuild as a means of conducting a virtual site visit. It’s a simple tool that allows us to continue on with our job, conducting site visits online. That way, we answer all client questions; we assess the property, and we are still able to provide them with a quote.”


Working From Home

Working from home – particularly for the construction industry – can seem demanding and somewhat unrealistic. However, through the use of construction applications and skype for business, employees can remain in contact with each other throughout the day, regardless of  where they are.

“We rely heavily on applications like Letsbuild, Canibuild and Skype for business in order to continue operating outside the office. We are able to maintain constant communication with each other (employees) and get the job done. The construction team works hard to ensure all goals are met for the day while still abiding by the concept of social distancing until this outbreak is controlled.”
Shuvajeet Nag
RESCON Builders Construction Manager 

LetsBuild allows workers to collaborate with each other, tracking and updating ongoing projects, ensuring that work is always completed.

In New South Wales alone, thousands of employees are currently working from home. This is made possible through the integration of a variety of applications, allowing employees to connect with each other and work no matter where they are in the world. It’s time for the construction industry to adapt to these new changes and transition into working from home through the utilisation of applications readily available.

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