Guesswork is ultimately inevitable in residential construction when it comes to building a new structure for a client.

Prior to the architectural plans, a client is unable to view the new structure on their property leaving placement to the imagination, causing confusion between the client’s wants and the builder. 

A site visit is seen as a vital first step in residential construction, whereby a sales consultant visits a site in order to discuss options and feasibility of the build with a client. This first step is where placement is discussed with clients 

Can we have it closer to the back fence? Would it look ok towards the right hand side? 

Unfortunately, for most builders the best way of showing clients this placement is either through a freehand, not to scale sketch of the structure on the block or strings. This often gives clients a false idea of what the structure would look like on the block leaving it to their imagination. 

It’s these inconsistencies that lead to constant changes once architectural plans are drawn, causing confusion between builder and client, delaying the project.

Canibuild is an application that aims to solve this constantly arising issue in the construction field through illustrating a structure on any property instantly. Ultimately, just by clicking on any structure you prefer, canibuild will add it onto the property, allowing you to move it around. As the structure is being moved across the screen, canibuild will give accurate readings of feasibility based on council rules, regulations and setbacks, helping clients make the right choice the first time.

“We don’t waste time anymore by constantly redrawing plans and making alterations. Instead, clients can choose the right placement of the Granny Flat in minutes, no longer needing to visualise it. Instead, it’s right there on the screen from them.”

SWIFT Granny Flats Clients 

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