It is difficult to describe canibuild in a singular sentence, simply because there are so many brilliant features, all designed to aid builders during the construction sales process.

From siting to architectural plans, canibuild has it all, transforming the way builders operate. The once demanding and long-winded process is reduced drastically, with all information regarding the viability of a build now displayed instantly.

The application is designed specifically for builders, by a builder, therefore, making it user friendly and easy to understand.

We have complied a list of just four of canibuild’s most notable features that are disrupting the construction industry one builder at a time. So, sit back and see what canibuild has to offer to help you stand out from the rest and impress.

Instantly check siting of the build

Type in an address and choose any structure. It is that easy. canibuild will automatically place the structure on the searched address and provide the user with high quality, Nearmap imagery of the block. Users can then move the structure around the highlighted block, narrowing placement and design faster than ever before.

This tool ultimately provides both clients and builders with visual imagery of the chosen structure on the block, no longer leaving it to a client’s imagination.

A decision that would typically take clients hours – if not weeks – to decide upon is now made simple with canibuild, ensuring client satisfaction.

Check approval of your build

Users can now determine the feasibility of a new structure on any block in seconds thanks to canibuild’s popular ‘planning rules’ feature. Builders no longer spend hours understanding compliance in a particular area. Instead, all necessary information regarding a property such as zoning, heritage conservation area, acid sulphate soil and other spatial information such as frontage and site coverage are all available on one, easy to understand page.

As a structure is virtually moved around the block canibuild will automatically indicate whether fast track approval is possible or whether the structure does not comply with regulations.

Property Slope

Calculating the slope of a property normally requires a surveyor and a site survey. This survey is then provided to the draftsman who recommends a plan that is suitable for the site, complies with legislation, and meets the client’s budget. It is a pivotal step in the construction sales process, but also an extremely prolonged one.

This traditional approach can typically take weeks, which also means that builders are unable to take the slope of a property into account when preparing an initial quote.

With canibuild however, builders can now identify the slope of any block with 97% accuracy, transforming the construction sales process. With just a single click of a button, contour lines of the property are available on canibuild with intervals of just 250mm. This not only allows for speed and efficiency but means that builders can take into account site sloping costs right from the get-go.

Site plans

Site plans often take days to complete. A builder must first narrow down placement and design before waiting for the draftsman to create a site plan of the particular block. However, thanks to canibuid’s revolutionary progress, this once long-winded process is made instantaneous with automatically generated site plans. Yes, you read that correctly. Automatically generated site plans.

Site plans can now be ordered in seconds and can be emailed to a client instantly, saving time and speeding up the construction sales process significantly. Site plans not only include a high-quality image of the property but also highlight vital information such as: access, distance, contours, trees, and other council rules and regulations such as the size of the block, floor area, site coverage and setbacks.

canibuild has plenty more impressive, easy to use features. To find out more, contact the canibuild team today and request a free one on one demonstration. That way, we can take you through all of our features in-depth and demonstrate how you can start impressing your clients and save time with canibuild!

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