A property boom has hit Western Australia, with houses in Perth selling nearly twice as fast as they did in 2020.

From clients wanting to build more investment homes to an increase in the demand for Granny Flats, residential construction is booming. This also means that builders across the state are taking on more projects than ever before, increasing sales.

Properties continue to sell at a faster rate… The median days to sell sitting at just 21 days, down from 43,” said REIWA President, Damian Collins. “With the pandemic continuing to impact travel and our local economy bouncing back after a challenging year, more and more West Australians are recognizing that now is the time to buy.”

Residential development 

The demand for new homes has increased rapidly, with Mandurah real estate agent Frank Lawrence stating that ‘one developer sold almost a years supply worth of blocks in one month following the state and federal government stimulus.’

Whilst other industries such as finance, banking and transport continue to progress technologically, construction – although Australia’s biggest industry – remained in the slow lane, continuing to remain traditional and still reliant upon pen and paper.

With the sudden increase in residential construction, it is time for builders to embrace technology within the workplace and get the job done faster.

This traditional outlook on construction is what led us to the creation of canibuild… canibuild is a construction application that helps builders complete site feasibility assessments faster. That 12 week long sales process is decreased significantly, meaning  builders can take on more clients and understand the feasibility of any build in seconds. It is an exceptional tool, particularly with the sudden increase in demand for residential construction within Western Australia.

Timothy Cocaro, canibuild Founder

Builders can ultimately search for any block of land and virtually place their design on the block. With high resolution Near map imagery and up to date requirements, a builder can understand the feasibility of any build in just a few seconds, summarising the once long-winded construction process in just a few seconds.

With hundreds of builders already reliant upon canibuild, the application is transforming residential construction nationwide.

“It’s important that builders understand the need for innovation within the construction industry. It’s the best way to sell,” said Cocaro. “Our subscribers are giving us such positive feedback regarding this application. Once you experience canibuild and how fast the sales process is, you’ll never go back to pen and paper again.”

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