Site visits are considered a MUST in the construction industry and they have long been a vital element to winning quotes and tender. With Canibuild, a site feasibility study is made simple.

A site visit, while time consuming, is where the client and the contractor meet for the first time and an attempt is made to answer all the questions asked as accurately as possible. For instance; Can I build? What can I build? How long will it take? Do I need to remove the tree? It’s automatically assumed by most clients, contractors and builders, that without a site visit answers regarding feasibility are just not possible.  However, thanks to Canibuild a site feasibility study is made simple.

Site Visits – for the majority of builders – are extremely time consuming, with sales consultants spending hours driving to potential sites. Often, the sales consultant cannot determine the feasibility of a build with one visit and often rely on other employees or earlier research regarding rules, regulations and site details in order to reach conclusions. As a result, this drastically contributes to the long-winded sales process in the construction industry.

“As the Managing Director of a successful construction company that conducts thousands of site feasibilities a year, efficiency and accuracy are fundamental. Being able to compliment physical site visits with an application that automatically does the hard work for you in seconds, makes the job so much easier to win and less stressful as errors and oversights are significantly reduced”.

Timothy Cocaro 

RESCON Granny Flats Managing Director 

Canibuild is a world first construction application that allows builders to check site feasibility instantly. The automated, B2B application gathers all necessary information regarding a property including: zoning, Lot and DP number, council, area, site coverage, floor space, frontage, setbacks as well as whether the property is in a bushfire prone zone or sulfate acid zone. All this information is displayed on one easy to understand screen, clearly highlighting whether a certain placement or positioning of a pre-uploaded design or standard shape is feasible.

A few key features that make the construction sales process simpler; 

  • No more driving for hours to potential sites 
  • No more miscommunication between builder and clients; instantly know if you can build. 
  • Understand whether you can build through fast track approval instantly. 
  • Understand the placement of a new structure. 
  • Check site contours with just a click of a button 

Builders across Australia, New Zealand and North America are relying on Canibuild to make their jobs simpler, helping them sell more of what they build. Aimed at pool, granny flat, ADU and home builders, Canibuild is transforming the construction industry through its introduction of simple and easy to use site feasibility that can be done in seconds, complimenting physical site visits to ensure accurate information is conveyed and new deals are won quicker.

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