While most home builders dread the winter season due to its wet weather, many pool builders look forward to the cooler weather and have recorded it as one of the more busier times in the year for sales. It’s a time to sell pools faster. 

Designing, negotiating and installing a pool BEFORE the hot summer season makes total sense.      

Client expectations are high and patience limited, so being able to conduct site feasibility assessments efficiently is imperative for any pool builder to sell pools faster.

The table below outlines just how easy it can be to win a sale without compromising on quality, design or customer service. We compare traditional methods with Canibuild. For instance, the ability to understand placement, cost and feasibility quickly.

Complete an entire pool feasibility study by understanding whether a pool on a particular property is even permissible. You can create a site plan, take measurements and notes and download architectural plans within minutes. 

Here’s how Canibuild can help sell pools faster. Let’s compare;


Site Feasibility

Need to attend the property to gather virtual information, as a result delaying the process. 

No more than 3 – 4 site visits can be done in one day.

Time is limited due to driving and shorter daylight hours. As a result, not many in one day.

Measurements are not accurate, some are forgotten and repeated visits to the one potential client is required.  

Eyeballing contours never works out and surveyors are too expensive to request before you have won the job. 

Council regulations such as landscape ratio and setbacks can derail potential sales, especially if you overlook something. Additionally, this means that answering client questions takes longer, resulting in inconsistent communication.


Site Feasibility

The site can be viewed with accurate aerial imagery down to the finest details. 

The ability to conduct over 8 – 10 virtual site visits in one day. 

No need to drive to the site to get the information you need. 

Measurements are accurate to the centimeter and can determine access points, distances from main dwelling and trees. 

Contours are overlaid in seconds so no need to double sell.

Don’t overlook rules and regulations anymore. Get it right the first time.


Clients find it hard to visualise where they want the pool and change their minds often. This can mean re-sending it to the draftsman many times. As a result, this delays the process further. 

You need to draw sketches on grid paper during the site visit. 

Measurements are not accurate and you would forget to take a dimension down. Therefore, less accurate. 

Rules and regulations – you may have overlooked a regulation such as landscape ratio and redesign is required to obtain approval. 

Lot information such as size, boundaries, heritage classification and ACID Sulfate not easily determined. 


Change the location as many times as you want.  Move it closer to the house or boundary line in seconds. 

No need to do hand sketches anymore. Place your pool model onto the property and provide a visual illustration of what the new structure will look like. 

Measurements are to the millimetre and can be marked from any point on the block therefore, meaning more accurate measurements 

Determining approval is instant. No need to go back to the client with a new design and location. 

All Lot information is available visually and instantly such as property boundaries, heritage classification and Acid Sulfate. 


Initial quotes are often preliminary. They will not account for everything. 

Engaging consultants such as surveyors is too costly at this stage so  site costs such as slope is just ‘eyeballed’ 

Your quote can take days to send out looking unprofessional. 


Your quotes can be as detailed as you want them to be as you have all the information you need. 

Account for all site costs such as earthworks in your initial quote.  

You can send your quote to the client immediately and get ahead of all the competition..


Eyeballing contours never works out and surveyors are too expensive to request before you have won the job. 

Have to sell twice to the client – once you have determined all the site costs.


Instantly overlay the site contours and determine the effect it will have on the pool location. 

Determine site costs upfront and don’t spend weeks trying to resell the new costs to the client.


Consultants can’t advise clients on whether their build will be approved during the initial site visit.


Canibuild’s planning rule feature immediately tells users if fast track approval is possible, or whether the placement or build is not suitable.

Architectural Plans

Draftsman/architects can spend hours revising pool shapes, sizes, locations. It’s unlikely you will pass this cost onto the client.. 

Clients will not receive their architectural plans for days/weeks. 

Architectural Plans

Change the design and location as many times as you want. Automated architectural plans means you dont need to wait or pay thousands for plans, as a result giving you more flexibility. 

Send your clients detailed automatically drafted plans in hours.


Scribbled notes all over your grid paper, some you cant understand anymore! Not a professional look


Make as many notes on the site plan. Look professional by remembering all the finer details.

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