With over two million Australian’s living in a home with a pool, the demand for pools across the country is now greater than ever.

Across the globe, Australia is known for it’s scorching, hot sun and water sports, making pools and beaches synonymous with the Australian summer. Using Canibuild, pool companies across Australia have elevated their sales drastically whilst simultaneously lowering their expenditure. It’s the perfect tool for any builder to have on their tool belt.  

Canibuild is a tech-driven application that aims to make the sales and construction process simpler for builders across the country, helping to deliver answers faster to clients and assess any property in seconds. Founded by Timothy Cocaro in 2019, Canibuild “explores the rare intersection between IT and construction; culminating in an application that transforms the pool construction industry completely, speeding up the once long-winded process.”

The first step of any pool build is a visit. This typically involves the sales team driving to potential sites in order to sit down with clients and determine the feasibility of the pool on the property. This way, in one day, only a small number of site visits can be conducted. With Canibuild however, consultants are able to virtually conduct site visits without needing to leave the office. The constant driving is eliminated entirely, meaning that there is greater opportunity to quote clients and close existing deals, increasing sales.

“Client’s can now view a clear illustration of the pool on the property, no longer leaving it to the client’s imagination. Canibuild takes all the guesswork out of the construction process, meaning that clients are always able to see what they are getting. It’s the number one rule on any construction company; to always keep your client’s satisfied.”

Timothy Cocaro 
Canibuild Director 

Canibuild provides users with all site information and setbacks instantly, ensuring that any new pool abides by all council rules and regulations. This way, employees can instantly understand the feasibility of a new pool on any block on land without needing to physically visit the site or check elsewhere. This ultimately means that clients receive quick answers regarding feasibility.

In Australia, many pool companies rely heavily on canibuild, helping them increase sales. 

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