Joining forces with canibuild, manufactured home builders are speeding up their construction sales process, offering clients online feasibility assessments and getting the answers they need faster.

A manufactured home, otherwise referred to as a mobile home, is a type of prefabricated housing. Typically constructed and assembled prior to being delivered on site, manufactured homes are growing in popularity in the United States due to their affordability, energy efficiency and overall practicality.

With an estimated 8 million manufactured homes across America, with over 108,000 in just Texas alone, mobile homes are arguably one of the most common types of housing in the country.

Whilst the majority of manufactured home estates cater specifically to affordability, others such as the Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park in Malibu focus on style and luxury. With a whooping price tag of over $3 million, this particular estate is home to the most expensive manufactured home in the country.

Paradise Cove

 The demand for manufactured homes is greater than ever, with over 560,000 manufactured homes in the state of California. And that is why so many manufactured home builders and retailers have partnered up with Canibuild, an application designed to speed up the construction sales process. A builder can assess a site online in seconds, understanding design, placement and feasibility faster than ever.
Timothy Cocaro, canibuild Founder

With hundreds of builders across the nation we have narrowed down some of California’s leading manufactured homes builders:

Cavco Industries are one of California’s leading manufactured home builder, operating over 19 facilities nationwide, including but not limited to: Cavco Homes, Fleetwood Homes, Harbor Homes, and Nationwide Homes.

Cavco Industries

Cutting Edge Homes is another popular manufactured home builder in the state providing a wide range of designs from studio builds to multifamily homes.

Other notable manufactured home builders across the state include: The Homes Direct, Randall Manufactured Homes, Horizon Manufactured Homes and 5 Star Homes.

Understanding this growth in popularity among manufactured home, Canibuild is an application designed with a direct aim of transforming the construction industry and speeding up the construction sales process, helping builders.

Canibuild is a construction application that helps builders complete site feasibility assessments faster, understanding whether a particular design is suited to a block.

Mobile home builders can search for any block of land and virtually place their design into the block. With high resolution imagery and up to date site rules and regulations, a builder can understand the feasibility in just a few seconds, summarising the once long-winded construction sales process in just a few seconds.

A builder can sit down with a client and, in seconds, understand what design works best on the specific block and construct a start to finish quote. It’s the entire construction sales process simplified.

With hundreds of builders already reliant upon canibuild, the application is transforming construction worldwide, changing the entire construction sales process entirely.

canibuild is currently offering builders free one on one product demonstrations, highlighting the many features the application has to offer.

You can click HERE to sign up today and learn more.

These manufactured homes can vary in design, size and shape ranging from a simple single-story design to a custom, multilevel build. However, unlike its counterpart, a manufactured home costs significantly lesser as it requires fewer materials, building crew, and onsite work. It is important to recognise that nowadays manufactured and mobile homes are no longer focused on mobility, but instead on sustainability and affordability, starting from as little as $60,000 in America in comparison to countries national median house price of $284,000.

The list of pros continues with manufactured homes providing a faster turnaround time and giving homeowners control over the building process. Unlike an onsite build, a manufactured home is constructed in an environmentally controlled factory, free from bad weather and unexpected site costs making it a popular choice.

Concerned with industrial waste and the sustainability of building materials, these mobile homes have also grown in popularity in other parts of the world ticking all the boxes for ecologically conscious homeowners.  Manufactured homes typically require less energy and less produce less industrial waste due to lesser building materials required and them being built off-site.

From cost effective builds to the luxury manufactured estates, manufactured homes are on the rise. That’s right; manufactured estates across the United States are now giving growing families and retirees the lifestyles they have always dreamed of.

A manufactured home estate is ultimately an estate/development dedicated solely to manufactured homes, resulting in the creation of closely knit communities. Offering resort-style amenities and providing individuals high quality living at a fraction of the price, it is the perfect option for hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

Colonial Estates is an example of a manufactured home community in Sacramento, offering residents affordable housing, as well as an array of amenities from pools to community game rooms and banquet halls. Residents are able to afford the lifestyle they have always wanted with a fraction of the cost.

Colonial Estates

Another popular estate which targets families and retirees is Crestview hills located in San Diego. With over one hundred manufactured homes, retirees can live a comfortable, low-maintenance lifestyle. Individuals can opt for an affordable manufactured home ranging in design and size suited to their need whilst accessing onsite staff at all times.

Crestview Hills

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