Canibuild and Nearmap join forces to target builders.

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Elise Vella

How the construction industry is being revolutionized 

Sydney, New South Wales. (March 11, 2020) – Nearmap and Canibuild have partnered together with an aim to revolutionise the construction industry through the implementation of innovative technology. This partnership means that Canibuild users can now access high quality up-to-date aerial imagery of 89% of populated areas in Australia, determining the feasibility of a new design or structure instantly through accurate geospatial imagery.

Located in Norwest Business Park, Sydney, Canibuild is a cutting edge and innovative product now relied upon by some of Australia’s largest builders and contractors, including RESCON Builders, Tranquility Pools and Granny Flat Solutions. Through partnership with one of the largest aerial imagery companies in the world, Canibuild aims to integrate technology into the construction sales process, stepping away from the traditional norms evident in the building industry.

Canibuild allows builders to search properties across Australia and place customised designs on the blocks, identifying whether a build is possible through analysing council regulations, saving builders time and money. Builders can then provide on the spot quotations, understand the feasibility of any design, and provide plans instantly; no longer relying upon site visits and draftsmen to complete the work.

“In order to give accurate answers to builders and individuals, we must rely on updated, accurate data. This partnership with Nearmap helps us do just that. The data must be detailed, consistent and available 24/7, which is exactly why this partnership with Nearmap is fantastic.” said Timothy Cocaro, founder of Canibuild.

Founded in 2007, Nearmap (NEA) is referred to as one of the top ten aerial imagery companies in the world with a subscription portfolio of $90.2 million (June, 2019), Nearmap is utilised by thousands of companies and government organisations across Australia.

Capturing all images with patented, airplane mounted camera systems, Nearmap is able to capture wide areas quickly and at high resolution, differing from majority of competitors who rely heavily upon satellites. This ultimately means that the images utilised have greater detail and therefore can be trusted when making decisions regarding new sites and the possibility of construction.

Through using Nearmap, Canibuild users can access imagery that is consistently ≤7.5cm GSD (ground sampling distance) per pixel. This means that the application can accurately determine the feasibility of any structure regardless of size, due to its finite detailing visibility.

“We can now use Nearmap to not only determine the feasibility of large structures on a block of land – such as houses and granny flats – but small structures too. We are able to comfortably create detailed plans for smaller sheds and plunge pools and account for even smaller areas such as pathways, garden beds and fences.” Said Cocaro.

With an increasing volume of users in New South Wales, Canibuild is aiming to expand nationally, providing builders and individuals across Australia the simple tool that a growing number of companies now rely on. Partnering with Nearmap has allowed greater accuracy and finer attention to detail.

“Construction industry is very traditional in the way that it operates. We’re changing it. Our partnership with Nearmap allows us to provide the details and imagery needed to step away from pen and papers on job sites and embrace technology within our building process. Canibuild will soon become the only tool any builder will need.” Said Cocaro. “This partnership between Nearmap and Canibuild reflects the growing strength of Australian based companies, and our ability to deliver world class applications.”

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