With an abundance of quality features, canibuild is the only application in the world that allows builders to instantly check compliance, quote on the spot, and download relevant documents.

All of canibuild’s features are presented in an easy to understand, user-friendly way, making it simpler for builders to use canibuild from anywhere in the world. To help make the most of your canibuild experience, we have compiled a list of some of canibuild’s most frequently asked questions. 

Where does canibuild service? 

canibuild currently covers all of Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Canada. However, as time progresses canibuild will continue to expand across different countries, helping more builders sell more of what they are building. 

Can you upload your own designs? 

Yes, you can. You can pre-upload all of your designs as well as their prices using the design catalog and item catalog. We have a range of tutorials available on our Youtube channel showcasing just how simple it is. You can click HERE for more information. 


PRESS PLAY to watch our site feasibility assessment tutorial! 

How do I know the structure will be approved? 

When you place a structure on a property, canibuild automatically takes into account council rules and regulations. This can be found under the Planning rules tab, located on the left-hand-side panel. As you move your structure around the block, canibuild highlights whether you can build through fast track approval or whether a new position or structure must be obtained in order to qualify. Click HERE for a quick tutorial highlighting the simplicity of this tool. 

Can I use canibuild to quote? 

Yes, you can! Located on the left-hand side panel, canibuild allows users to create in-depth quotations, customised with company colours and branding. Simply add a design on the property and then begin your quote. To see how to pre-upload your designs and pricing catalogue click HERE. To see how to generate a full quote, click HERE. Once you have created the quote, It will automatically be stored in your My Documents tab and can instantly be emailed to your client.

Can you check the property slope?

Yes, the canibuild contour tool helps builders check the slope on any block with 97% accuracy, saving you time and money in the long run. To see how to use the contour tool, click HERE

We hope that was helpful! Have more questions? Check out our in-depth help guide. From looking up an address to generating your architectural plans, we have it all for you. Simply click HERE !

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