Landscaping – Colourbond fencing, retaining walls, concrete paths, flower beds, water features and fountains, sheds and dog kennels – all made so much easier to sell thanks to Canibuild and it’s innovative sales application.

Canibuild, originating in Sydney, allows landscapers to place any structure such as fences, retaining walls, concrete paths, water fountains, on any property instantly without having to go to site at all. By uploading scaled images directly onto the system and using the detailed satellite imagery, landscapers discuss placement with the client, do precise measurements, send a quote – all within minutes

“As a landscaper, it’s always been very important to visit a site, to map out areas on the site in order to know whether something can be done or not for a client. With Canibuild, you can do all that hard work in just a few seconds. You don’t have to pay your workers to visit the site; you no longer have to rely on physical measurements – everything is done, one hundred percent, online.” 

It’s the perfect tool that has taken the construction industry by a storm, helping users across all construction industries save ample time and money. It is a game changer for the landscaping industry with many already on board and conducting virtual site visits from across the state, in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

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