The sale of a granny flat build is a complex undertaking and one that can take many months to finalise.  Clients are stung with site costs once construction commences, causing anger and frustration, creating tension between the client and the builder

Clients expect their quotes to be finalised instantly, and are often disappointed when site costs such as those associated with a sloping block arises. The expectations are unrealistic and disappointment is common; The sales consultant is not only expected to be familiar with the local rules and regulations, but also expected to create accurate quotations on the spot, answering questions that would typically require quality surveyors and draftsmen.

In order to determine the slope of a property, most people tend to rely on a surveyor, which costs money and prolongs the process. This slope can also mean unwanted site costs for the clients, culminating in a flow of variations, causing tension and uncertainty between the client and the builder. 

Timothy Cocaro, Director of RESCON Builders and founder of canibuild, understands this issue, witnessing it firsthand at RESCON Builders for years, culminating in the sales application canibuild, which seeks to revolutionize the construction industry entirely. 

Canibuild allows users to view the slope of a property through the single press of a button, saving builders and clients time and money. Eliminating the need for a surveyor, sales consultants can now answer client questions and account for site costs on canibuild.

“We always aim to keep our clients satisfied. However, the reality of not understanding the contours of a property straight away leads to site costs and variations for the client. The initial quote price suddenly sky rockets. And that’s why we have created canibuild – an application that takes all of the information regarding the viability of a build and makes it available to users immediately, saving time and the unwanted site costs are that soon to come.”

Timothy Cocaro

Canibuild Founder

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