The Australian summer is synonymous with long, sun drenched days by the pool enjoyed with friends and family and usually extends to warm night swims. Often, getting the kids out of the pool is the challenge. The lead up to this glorious time of year for pool builders isn’t so relaxing. It is intense as you try to finish builds ready for your eager clients to enjoy during the hot Australian months.

While some builders focus their time in the lead up to summer on construction rather than sales, the beginning part of the next year can sometimes be a little slower. The effort you put into nurturing sales during summer will provide you with fruit for the coming months. We have put together quick tips on how to gain leads and close deals faster during your busy time with minimal effort to ensure you start your year with a bang!

Social media marketing

Most of your potential customers are probably hanging out on social media. You need to connect with them where they spend time the most. Create and maintain an active social profile and include your social links on your site. Just because you are in the construction phase, doesn’t mean you have nothing to share. Your clients are not only interested in the final product of idyllic resort like pools that evoke memories of resort style living, but they are also interested in the ‘How’. Show your clients the process of building a pool. Excavation, laying the tiles and maintenance tips are prime content ideas to share with your followers. Whether it is an Insta story or a Facebook post, consistently sharing this content will generate you a loyal social media following, which will lead to website visits and thus, leads.

Use video marketing

YouTube and comScore completed a Google-commissioned study which reveals that video content has very high engagement, especially for millennials. Apart from being obsessed with online videos, 62% of millennials say that video content moves them to take action. 47% also report that personalized ads always keep them glued. Another study also shows that landing pages that have videos have the potential to boost conversion by 80%

Your pool construction website should have lots of videos covering a wide range of topics. You can create videos on tips and ideas, new products, staff introduction, cleaning tips, and demonstrations. The good news is you don’t need a film crew for this! Smart phones today are high enough quality to capture quick videos to share on your socials and website. So film the concrete pour, your team Christmas party, whatever you think would be interesting!

Referral marketing

According to research, many businesses get up to 65% of their leads through referrals. Being recommended by a friend or family is ideal lead generation for any business as the customer already has a positive perception of your business. Your clients become your new sales force. This is where you need to be proactive. Reach out to your satisfied clients and ask them to refer or recommend you. You can also ask them to give you testimonials that should be posted on your website, this simply gives your brand accreditation. You can reward referring clients with a discount or other incentives to show appreciation for referrals. Simple gestures like gift cards will tell your clients how much you appreciate being referred and have an excellent ROI.

Use Canibuild

Clients appreciate businesses that are creative and innovative. While they may not know this, the subtle difference is the sales process that look to create a better client experience, makes a big difference! The construction sales process is rigorous and adopting innovation can help you stand out from the competition. As you get more leads, use Canibuild to conduct your site visits. Canibuild offers a more effective and efficient way to carry out sales activities. The platform allows you to conduct the entire site visit virtually, saving you time and money. This means less trouble for your clients and for your business. When you create a seamless experience for your clients, they will no doubt, recommend your brand to others.

The combined application of these strategies will generate more leads and allow you to close deals faster. Keep your clients engaged with content and satisfied with innovation. Minimal effort required for big time gains.

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