The construction sales process today is outdated, rigid and full of rigors. This means that today’s builders must go through a rigorous process that is highly fragmented and painstakingly long before they can make sales. In the end, what we see is a sales process that is non-scalable and full of so much friction.

On the part of the potential client, these steps are not understood or appreciated either because what they want is a faster way of having their needs met. Clients want construction to be just like any other product that has a known price and design. They see construction as a product on a shelf to be bought with the description and costs already laid out. However, the experience that they get when it comes to finding the right builders is different.

The Current Scenario

When clients need to get a project underway, they have upfront questions concerning aspects like cost, compliance, and suitability. They need answers to these questions without having to pay for consultation advice. Clients also do not want to visit a builder’s site in hopes that they’ll find the answers.

The problem, in this case, is that builders are unable to provide answers to these upfront questions that clients ask. Clients, also, do not want to schedule consultations because they are not even sure about what they are getting or if they’ll go ahead with the builder eventually. With this mindset of clients, builders continue to lose both valuable time and money. Sales become a huge challenge if the industry remains inefficient, disjointed, and fragmented.

Simplifying the construction sales process with Canibuild

What if there was a way to disrupt and simplify the construction sales process? What if you could find a streamlined marketplace where you could easily confirm the important details about any project and seal deals faster?

This is where Canibuild comes into the picture. With technology, the obsolete construction sales process has been flipped on its head, literally. All the sales-related problems that result from a highly fragmented, non-scalable, and low-tech construction industry can now be solved with canbuild.

What is Canibuild?

Canibuild is a SaaS application that gives you the marketplace to check all types of builds and site-based products based on specific addresses. Also, it enables you to instantly confirm whether any build or construction product is a fit in terms of cost, compliance, and suitability.

Canibuild is technology in action and is also an innovative, tech-driven solution to the symptoms and problems of the outdated construction sales process. By creating this platform, the goal is to eliminate the friction and frustration that builders and clients experience.

With just a few clicks, you can easily confirm whether a building type is suitable and what its cost would be. The best part is that no matter where you are in the world, this platform can be accessed and used in a visually engaging way.

How builders can capture leads and increase sales with Canibuild

The benefits of Canibuild to builders in terms of sales are numerous. Without sales, no building will take place. This means that a lot of sales-related activities would need to be completed before builders can land clients and complete projects. But that is no longer the case as Canibuild eliminates the need for any such tasks. Here’s how builders are now driving sales with the platform:

  • No need for surveys, site visits, architects, town planners, or tape measurements. With a few clicks, you can interact with clients to confirm whether a build is suitable, compliant, and what the costs are.
  • Canibuild does all the sales work for you, so becoming a trained sales member is easy. If you’re a startup builder or growing company, you can have just about anyone take care of sales from the comfort of your home.
  • Canibuild saves you valuable time that would normally be spent on tedious sales activities. Within minutes, you can complete all the sales-related tasks so that you can focus on the building process.
  • Large builders have a lot to gain from Canibuild as they will never miss potential sales again. You can easily convert your whole team into sales reps with this platform. Whether or not your sales team is available, you can still send quotes without any training.

The future is here with Canibuild

Canibuild represents the future of construction. As more businesses continue to adopt the tech-driven platform today, we will see businesses becoming active sellers in the future. With a SaaS-enabled marketplace, Canibuild will help not only builders but utility providers, landscapers, developers, furniture makers, solar engineers, real estate, etc. to scale their businesses. Soon, the key players in other industries will be able to showcase their products and drive sales seamlessly.

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