The possibilities are endless. . . Well, technically not. There is a limit – and typically it lays within state boundaries in Australia for construction companies. This makes the concept of growing your construction company globally almost impossible. 


For a construction company increasing clientele and expanding is the ultimate goal. However, regardless of the popularity or size of the company, a limit always seems to exist limiting builders from expanding on a national scale. There are particular justrictions and councils that builders target, maximising their sales in those regions only. This comes down to a number of factors including the ability to conduct site visits, travel to sites, and keep up with changing regulations for different councils. As a result, this makes the concept of growing your construction company and expanding extremely difficult. For instance, take some of Australia’s largest residential builders. They are extremely popular, but only in particular areas.

To put it simply, finding a builder who services an entire state is extremely rare. Finding a builder who services an entire country, that’s revolutionary for the construction industry.

The construction industry, although the largest industry in Australia, is yet to embrace modern technology and innovation. Instead, the industry continues to remain traditional in the way it operates, still heavily relying upon Site Visits, hand-drawn sketches, and face-to-face interactions. The words ‘innovation’ and ‘construction’ are rarely side by side, further hindering the ability for builders to progress.

This is a main factor as to why the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic substantially impacted the industry. Whilst other industries managed to turn to technology, working remotely and virtual reality, construction remained in the slow lane with The Housing Industry Association concluding that house sales declined drastically by 23%, with most builders relying on the Job Keeper incentive to stay afloat. Low consumer confidence is heightened by the industries inability to operate sufficiently.  

Right now, the industry is ripe for disruption, and canibuild is ready to do just that. To disrupt the industry one builder at a time. 

Integrating technology and construction, canibuild is an Australian start-up designed to help builders sell more of what they build, virtually.  Popular amongst a variety of builders nationwide, canibuild allows users to conduct site feasibility assessments instantly, eliminating the guesswork from the construction process. Builders can now instantly know whether they can build; from property slope to council rules and regulations, canibuild has it all. Currently servicing a range of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, The United States and Canada, builders can now virtually assess a property across the country and understand feasibility, expanding. 

“You can now complete a site feasibility assessment from anywhere, limiting the need to go on site. Virtually place your design on any block, finalise the placement of your structure and see whether it complies. Happy to progress? Order architectural plans. We have made it extremely simple for builders to conduct site assessments and sell more, faster. The possibilities of expansion are finally endless for construction companies, and we are witnessing it first-hand. It works.” 

Timothy Cocaro, canibuild Founder 

Trusted by a number of builders from across the world, canibuild has helped builders of all build types expand further than they thought was possible, generating more sales. Expanding your construction company is now an achievable goal, with builders, such as RESCON Granny Flats witnessing the impacts.

“Here at RESCON Builders, we have expanded immensely. We’re building in areas that prior to canibuild, were not possible. I can answer client questions instantly regarding site feasibility; Placement is finalised quicker; Quotes are sent out immediately. It’s a fantastic approach to construction sales that makes an incredible difference. We no longer have to physically be on site to answer questions. We don’t just build in Sydney anymore, we build across the State and hope to expand even further. And for the first time, it’s easily achievable. What was once impossible is now simple. “

Alex Xu, RESCON Granny Flats Sales Consultant 

To see how canibuild can help your construction company grow and expand further, book a free one on one demonstration. 

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