Construction Software That Allows An Instant Visual Look

9 September 2022
5 min read

In recent years, construction estimating software has revolutionised the building landscape. In the past, estimators relied on manual calculations and their own experience to determine a project's cost, an often time-consuming and error-prone process. 

Today there are various software programs available that can help estimators quickly and accurately calculate the cost of a project. These programs often include a database of building materials and labour costs and tools for automatically generating estimates based on data input.

How does Construction Software Benefits Home Builders?

Innovative construction estimating software gives home builders instant real-time views of their projects, which allows them to:

1. Reduce Expenses

The software has significantly reduced the time of manually sketching site plans which can be done in a fraction of the time. Pre-assessment of compliance with local building rules and regulations and the site’s contours instantly removes the expense and time often associated with this information. Alterations to a design can also easily be implemented, saving costs for clients and builders. 

2. Present 3D Visuals

canibuild's real-time 3D model allows builders to load their own building designs, or the AI capabilities can quickly extrude the model from your floor plan. In addition, 3D visualisation can be used to create animated walk-throughs of the finished project, giving clients a realistic preview of the completed work. 

3. Create Projects Proposals That Stand Out

The power and flexibility of a cloud-based platform offer various advantages when it comes to your customer proposals. Not only does canibuild software allow customised design and visual imagery to prospects, but you can also tailor quotes and proposals to send directly to your client for review. This is all done on the same platform, from anywhere you are working.  

4. Create Databases

Construction estimating software has the ability to create and maintain databases of materials, costs and site plans for each project. This is a valuable tool when you want to compare projects. 

5. Saves and Loads Templates

Construction template software allows users to save and load templates for different aspects of construction, such as facade options and floor plan variations and upgrades. This can be a huge time-saver, as it eliminates the need to start from scratch each time a new project is undertaken. 

canibuild's award-winning construction estimating software has revolutionised the construction process. Our user-friendly interface, 3D capabilities, and instant visual access will simplify the way you build. Download the software today to get started!