Integrate with your own systems

canibuild integrates easily with other systems so you don’t have to juggle multiple platforms. Have everything working together to help you sell more.
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Link canibuild with your CRM

canibuild can be easily linked to your CRM making managing clients and gathering information very easy. Send out emails or contact clients based on the profiles you’ve created for them on canibuild.
Sell Simply

Integrate with real estate platforms

Pull together your various up your House & Land Packages, then with a click a button you can publish on REA.
Streamline your adminstration

Integrate with your internal management systems

Fiddly and time consuming admin tasks can now be taken care of in the app – and combined with Integration tool like Zapier to make sure information is captured and stored easily in a client's records in any CRM.

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Integrate existing systems with canibuild to make your business life a whole lot smoother.