House & Land Packages

canibuild provides the tools to help you generate and sell House and Land packages faster and easier than ever.
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Easily generate House & Land Packages

Select one of your floor plan designs and site it on a chosen block of land, entering modifications, chosen façade and price. Then simply click a button to generate the House and Land package. You can generate as many House and Land packages as you like giving your sales team plenty of options on the same block of land.
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Integrate House and Land Packages

Push your House and Land packages out to different platforms like REA, widening your audience and potential for sales. Designs can be locked on the canibuild platform once integrated with other platforms so they’re not inadvertently modified.
24/7 House and Land Sales

Feature on Web Widget

Have your House and Land packages automatically appear on your Web Widget, allowing clients who visit your website to interact with and choose a House and Land package that suits their needs. You’ll be making sales while you sleep, or at the very least collecting viable leads that your sales team can chase up.

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