The contours lines or slope of a site can be difficult to determine and relying on the client’s assessment or ‘eyeballing it’ as some builders call it, just won’t cut it anymore. 

Clients expect zero margin for error and no hidden costs. They demand detailed quotes that factor in site costs and guarantees that approvals will be granted. But the reality is, without analyzing contour lines, a builder ultimately loses time and money. There is no guarantee of winning the job they are quoting. And often, the client does not want to pay for this initial step.  

Traditional methods rely heavily on a surveyor conducting a contour survey. This survey is then given to the architect/draftsman who works with the contours to design a plan that looks good, meets budget and complies with legislation. It is a crucial step in allowing the builder to understand and identify any potential site costs regarding the build. Without this, the slope can mean unwanted site costs, culminating in a flow of variations and leading to tension between the builder and the client.

The drawback is that this approach takes WEEKS. With the world expecting instant results this approach will see builders lose jobs or under-quote, which is often the case.

Canibuild is an Australian IT startup that spent the last year developing and testing a feature that can identify the slope of any site in the world with 97% accuracy 

Contour and index lines are depicted on each property, with contour intervals spaced at 250mm apart. When reading contour lines, a gradient ranging from red to blue is utilised. Red signifies the highest point above sea level and blue the lowest. To get a better understanding of how to read contour lines, simply click here for an in-depth guideline.

What does this feature mean for the Builder? 

Speed and efficiency. Transparency and better design. Higher profit margins and less client disputes. 

“All Builders know that standing out for professionalism and quality in the construction industry is a challenge. One slip up or oversight can see all your hard work take a big hit. Knowing that Canibuild has helped builders make informed decisions and speed up their time and increase their profits by using features such as the contour feature is truly inspiring.”

Shuvajeet Nag
Canibuild Product Specialist 

Canibuild currently offers free product demonstrations. A product specialist can run you through the application and highlight the ways it can help your building company sell more. 

To book in your free demonstration and trial, click here to sign up, or email us directly on We can’t wait to hear from you.

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