RESCON Builders is an Australian Granny Flat construction company who has embraced the use of technology in the workplace since its inception in 2011.

The drive from the very beginning was to be technology based, with  the majority of processes being online. Despite the obstacles and traditional methods in the way, the push from Director, Timothy Cocaro has always been an uncompromising one.

“Construction has not changed for decades. It can not continue to be so traditional.  Our clients are computer savvy and from our experience at RESCON Builders, they are more than happy to take on board our approach to doing business. It’s so rare to see an overlap of construction and technology, but that’s what separates RESCON Builders from the many other builders out there. We can operate from anywhere in the world, sell granny flats without stepping on site, guide clients through colours online, get regular updates from our contractors, built faster and better, thanks to the internet and a laptop.”
Timothy Cocaro
RESCON Builders

The concept of a virtual site visit is not a new one for RESCON Builders who has been offering virtual site visits for many years. “ We have sold granny flats to clients who have been overseas on business to parents at home with a newborn baby,” said Cocaro. A sales consultant no longer has to physically visit sites in order to understand the feasibility of a structure or close a deal. This approach has enabled RESCON Builders to expand beyond their local area, something that many other builders find a challenge. 

Timothy Cocaro reveals that the transition to virtual site visits and online work practices can be achieved while continuing to maintain a high level of customer service. “ Virtual site visits are not phone calls”, Cocaro clarifies. “They are connecting people via cameras so you see the faces of the people you are talking to and they see your computer screen and the information you want to share with them”.    

The secret to this success is an online application developed by Cocaro and his highly specialised team who specialise in construction.  

What is Canibuild?

Canibuild is for the residential builder and contractor. It allows the user to analyse a site and all its physical features thanks to highly visible satellite imaging available through the partnership with Nearmap, can provide accurate information regarding new structures ranging from council rules and regulations to the contour of a specific property.  . 

“We are able to share our screen while we use canibuild, highlighting the placement of the Granny Flat as well as the design, layout and inclusions, helping us create a quote. The whole time the client can see our screen, ensuring that what we choose meets their needs.” Explained Ahnaf Ahsan, RESCON Builders Approvals Coordinator. “This way, we can determine instantly whether a structure is feasible in seconds and generate architectural plans within hours – saving us time and costs in comparison to sending a consultant out on site and waiting weeks for the surveyor and draftsman to send us the plans.”

As time progresses it’s vital to embrace technology in the construction workplace. Through the reliance on canibuild, RESCON Builders continue to grow as one of Australia’s leading Granny Flat specialists, excelling in their industry.

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