Granny Flats play a large part in residential construction, with over 5000 Granny Flats built in Australia over the last 5 years alone. 

However, while most other industries – such as banking, finance, and travel – have noticed an influx of applications utilised in the workplace,  the construction industry has always remained traditional, which has culminated in the launch of the tech-driven application canibuild.  

Prior to adopting canibuild, the majority of builders relied on on-site visits and the need to physically conduct measurements – a method that is extremely traditional. With canibuild however, building a Granny Flat has become simpler, with its feasibility on a property determined in seconds. Across Australia, many Granny Flat building companies currently rely on the user-friendly application, making it simpler for them to conduct business and cut sales related costs. 

Here’s how canibuild has impacted the Granny Flat construction industry.

Changing the Dynamic

When a client asks for a quote they automatically expect a site visit to take place. It’s the norm within the construction industry; however, this often means that when a builder offers a virtual site visit, most clients tend to question the process. 

When using canibuild, it’s important that a sales consultant shares their screen with a client when conducting a Virtual Site Visit, showing clients the high visibility of the imagery. canibuild’s new partnership with Nearmap allows for high-resolution images of properties across Australia, with the database updated regularly to ensure accurate images. Clients can then feel a part of the decision-making process and begin to appreciate the implementation of technology.

No More Imagining

When on site, the placement of the Granny Flat is left to the imagination and clients do not have a visible illustration of the layout until the site visit is completed or plans are drawn. canibuild allows users to place any layout on the property instantly in order to determine the placement of the new Granny Flat. Clients no longer have to imagine how the new structure will look, but instead have an illustration to follow, making it simpler to make decisions.

Saving Weeks of Work 

Site Visits are a vital part of construction. They typically involve sales consultants driving to potential sites in order to sit down with clients and discuss options / quotations. This means that in a single day, a sales consultant can roughly complete 4-5 Site Visits in an eight hour shift.  With virtual site visits, however, a sales person can complete over 15 a day. You can now conduct site visits without having to physically go on site.

“Ever since using canibuild we have noticed a substantial increase in our sales – we are able to give clients the answers to all their questions instantly, making them feel at ease when it comes to building with us.”

SWIFT Granny Flats

“I was very surprised,” admitted SWIFT Granny Flat’s client “I had a few builders come out on site to provide me with a quote, but even then I felt like they couldn’t answer my questions.” She said. “We decided to go with the builder who used canibuild instead. Everything happened online, without even needing to visit the site. All my questions were answered, making the overall experience more enjoyable.”

It’s the perfect that application that has helped many builders across Australia notice a change in sales, transforming the industry completely.

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