A world’s first – generate a complete set of architectural plans with just a click of a button.

Canibuild’s newly released ‘architectural plan’ tool has eliminated the use of architects, allowing contractors and builders to speed through the sales process and get to contract signing quicker. Traditionally, this process of presenting architectural plans to a client would take weeks and was fraught with miscommunication and disappointment. Canibuild has turned this prolonged step into just hours.

How to download architectural plans 

1. Search the property by the address

2. Choose the design from the uploaded catologue

3. Place the design into the ideal position

4. Check the contours

5. Check planning rules to ensure compliance 

6. Mark out any measurements by using the measuring tool

7. Price us the design and send the quote to the client

8. Order Architectural plans

9. Wait up to 24 hours

10. Your downloaded architectural plans will be available in your ‘My Documents’ folder and emailed to you directly

“Why pay architects thousands of dollars when it can be done in hours starting from just $99. We aim to make it as user-friendly as possible, saving builders significant time and money.” 

Timothy Cocaro
Canibuild Founder

Check out the ‘architectural plan’ tutorial today by clicking below.

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