A world’s first – check planning compliance within seconds.

The need to wait endless hours for town planners and certifiers to provide compliance and approval feedback is a thing of the past thanks to Canibuild’s planning rules feature.

Canibuild can accurately determine the approval feasibility of a new structure by analyzing council rules,  regulations and setbacks on the spot. The beauty of this clever feature is that the client is no longer left in the dark and can make informed decisions alongside the builder. The benefit to the construction industry – companies can get to contracts faster and cheaper with buildable plans.  

Builders no longer have to search through a variety of sources in order to find the information they need. Instead, the information that would take hours to understand is presented on one simple, easy to understand page for any property with the simple click of a button.

“Both the ease and speed of the use is tremendously useful for myself and my client. We’re quickly able to identify build location and orientation.”
Ramon Dunlany 
Senior Sales Consultant 
RESCON Builders

The Planning Rules are displayed in a table, allowing users to make decisions quicker. The Green ticks visible indicate the feasibility of the build. When a property fails to meet a certain requirement, the particular tick will be displayed as red, helping builders make informed decisions quicker.

Removing the hours of planning and subsequent confirmations will help the building industry focus on its core business, and that is to BUILD.

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