Building a shed is not always a simple process. Instead, understanding site feasibility and approval instantly can be tricky.

Building a shed in the backyard has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Depending on the size of the new build, a shed can help serve as extra storage space, a private workshop area or even a private getaway, depending on the needs of the homeowner. It is a perfect way of adding space without the hefty price tags.

When building a shed, council rules and regulations vary immensely from council to council. This means, in order for a builder to answer all client questions regarding the feasibility of building a shed, they must first understand the ins and outs of the particular council. Some sheds may require approval, whilst others may not.

Whilst the majority of councils allow sheds up to 10sqm before approval is required, there are many other rules and regulations to consider, such as: the setbacks from the side and rear boundaries, the size of the shed, the placement, whether your block is in a heritage zone, the landing zone, and many more!

Typically, to understand the feasibility from start to finish, a builder must first research the particular council and then conduct a site visit. Builders must look at the slope of the property, get a survey and then work on a site plan. It is never a simple process, instead, it is typically a long-winded one.

canibuild is an innovative construction application that is designed to speed up this lengthy process, providing answers faster. With canibuild, a shed builder can simply search for any property, drag their pre-uploaded design on the block and understand the feasibility in just a few seconds.

The application utilises high quality mapping tools and imagery. This means that regardless of location, high-quality imagery of the block is available alongside vital site information.

For Shed builders, servicing rural properties – such as farms and large acreage blocks is extremely popular. However, accurate information regarding measurements, placement and boundaries is hard to come by online, often requiring onsite visits. With canibuild’s partnership with Nearmap, not only are users able to access accurate data regarding siting, but also high-quality visual imagery every time.

With this easy-to-use application, builders will automatically understand the feasibility of the build based on council rules and regulations. Users can distinguish if; (1) approval is even required in order to build the shed, and (2) if the shed complies with regulations and can be built through CDC – otherwise referred to as fast track approval – if approval is necessary.

All this information is displayed on one easy to understand page.

Already trusted by some of Australia’s largest and most notable shed builders, including Sheds n Homes and Aussie Made Sheds, canibuild is transforming the way builders operate.

“The wait is eliminated entirely. With one quick search builders can understand siting and feasibility, decide on placement alongside the client and even quote the entire job. The entire sales process is summarised in just a few minutes. Builders are saving more time and clients are left satisfied. It’s the perfect solution for builders, everywhere and we’re very proud of the difference we are making in the construction industry.'”
Timothy Cocaro, canibuild Founder

Another fantastic feature available for Shed builders is canibuild’s instant Site Map. Typically, after a site visit, an inhouse architect or draftsman will spend hours – sometimes even days – creating a site plan for the build. However, with canibuild, site plans are made instantaneous. Builders no longer waste time waiting, instead everything is one hundred percent automatically generated.

It’s site plans at your fingertips.

canibuild is currently offering free one on one demonstrations, whereby a dedicated team member will run you through the application. This way, you can witness just how easy canibuild is and its capabilities.

With over eight-hundred daily searches, canibuild is disrupting the construction industry one builder at a time. Get in touch today to see how easy building your next Shed can be.

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