Builder’s are trying to rip you off. You’ve heard it before. We all have. It’s a popular misconception adding to the negative reputation associated with builders.

The initial quote is often never the final price and unexpected site costs are a regular occurrence. This however, leads to builders being portrayed in a negative light to the public, causing clients to believe that builders are constantly trying to ‘rip you off.’ From media articles to the simplicity of word of mouth, it’s everywhere. Builder’s are always trying to rip you off. Don’t trust your builder. The price is constantly changing. . The list is never ending, and it is a term that the majority of individuals have heard and believe to an extent.

The reality however, is that variations are a regular occurrence regardless of the builder. It is crucial for individuals to understand that the construction process is never simple. Instead, it is a process filled with many hurdles including unforeseen costs, leading to the final product. However, when the margin for error is zero and the expectations are high, even the slightest difference in price is regarded as catastrophic, leading the stereotypical, negative connotation associated with builders.

The first step to any project is typically a site visit, whereby a sales consultant visits a site providing a client with an initial quote. The sales consultant alone cannot determine all necessary costs associated with a build and block of land, creating unrealistic expectations. This initial quote always differs from the final cost of the product due to the builders inability to quote an entire construction project based on one, single visit.

There is a lot to consider when quoting a new job. 

Witnessing this occurrence time and time again, Canibuild was created with a direct aim of simplifying the construction sales process, creating a positive relationship between the client and the builder. Integrating technology and construction, with Canibuild builders can not only check site feasibility and compliance, but can also create start to finish, itemised quotations. 

Canibuild’s quotung feature helps builders to create accurate quotes inclusive of design, approval, construction and all other optional upgrades right from the get-go, creating a positive relationship between the client and builder. The application also takes into account slope costs, which prior to Canibuild would require a surveyor to determine. Thanks to Canibuild, a sales consultant is now well equipped to provide clients with more definite quotes, taking into account a variety of costs that otherwise would never be accounted for until a later stage. 

“It’s absolutely fantastic. Prior to Canibuild crucial factors such as the slope of a block, soil classification and zoning factors were never included in the initial quote. We would check planning portals and wait for a site surveyor before determining the costs involved. With Canibuild however, we can virtually complete an entire feasibility assessment in seconds and account for costs involved immediately. It helps us as a builder create a stronger relationship with the client.”

Ahnaf Ahsan, RECON Granny Flats Approvals Coordinator

Although Canibuild does not eliminate the possibility of unknown costs such as the underground abnormalities, it does significantly improve the relationship between the client and the builder. Quotes are simpler to construct and client questions are answered quicker.

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