The construction industry is the platform through which people bring their dream homes to reality. Without builders, the world would be nothing but a mass of open, empty lands. Construction goes back thousands of years and will continue to exist as an art/science – the force through which the world evolves.

With the popularity of structures like granny flats on the rise, there is an ever-growing need for skilled builders that can deliver the needs of homeowners to the latter. Potential clients have different expectations concerning what their projects should look like and want to be sure that a builder can meet their demands before they commit.

This means that builders must go through a complicated, inefficient process that is long and fragmented before they can land deals. This has been the system for many years and clients do not appreciate it either. However, builders are more at the mercy of clients as long as they continue to operate through old processes and methods. From calls, site visits, compliance, and consultation to taking measurements, making estimations, and sending in the quotes, there is no guarantee that a prospect will go ahead with them.

If you are a builder, you encounter clients like these frequently and this translates into a loss of valuable time, money, and other resources. This is a disadvantage to you and keeping up with the costs of sales acquisition may be hurting your business. What this means is that the time and resources that should be channeled to delivering builds for clients are spent trying to convert them. Over time, your business suffers, and your revenue base takes a hit.

That is why we have created Canibuild to give back the power to builders like you and streamline the construction process.

How Canibuild can help builders take back the power

With an outdated construction process hurting both builders and clients, we decided to create a tech-driven solution. We built Canibuild as a SaaS solution to allow builders to bypass the rigorous methods involved in confirming whether a build is feasible with regards to suitability, compliance, and cost.

Analyse and confirm details about project in minutes

Depending on the site and location, details like price, suitability, and design vary. There are also localized rules and conditions that need to be discerned or understood. Formerly, all that required a series of iterative and disjointed steps to discern. With Canibuild, however, those fragmented and frustrating steps are replaced with newer methods. Now, all you need is a few clicks to confirm suitability and cost for any type of build, immediately.

Accuracy and speed guaranteed with Canibuild 

With Canibuild, you can say goodbye to the era of miscalculations or incorrect measurements on plans. No need for a single tape measure as Canibuild takes care of all that for you. So, you no longer have to go through the sketch/re-sketch process that is both painstaking and time-consuming. No matter where the project is in the world, all the important details can be understood in a highly visual way with our innovative platform.

All the important information can be accessed without depending on clients 

Originally, builders would have to rely on clients to provide certain vital pieces of information regarding their site. Are there any obstructions, trees, sheds, or objects that would get in the way of the build (whether granny flat or swimming pool)? Clients just want to have their needs met without going through all these draining questions. Canibuild gives you a proactive way to get access to all that information within minutes which means you can close deals faster, build faster, and move on to the next project, faster.

No need for Draftsman and Surveyors with Canibuild

The old construction process involved specific builders having to rely on on-site visits, local builders, architects, town planners, architects, and draftsmen to get a project up and running. With Canibuild, there’s no need for any of that as all the information you need is made available. Remember, all you need is just a few clicks to pull up vital data about any site or location. Our platform helps you to save money that would normally be spent on third parties, so you can increase your bottom line.

Canibuild is the game-changer for builders 

As a tech-driven and innovative platform that reforms the construction process, builders can now rest easy. Completing deals without spending so much time and valuable resources on-site surveys, compliance checks, cost evaluation, and more is no longer a problem. Canibuild allows you to bypass the formerly rigorous methods and ushers in a new system of construction. From small to large-scale builders, the power is back in your hands and you can improve your turnaround time, revenue, and sales success rates with Canibuild

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