Construction sales; It is never a simple process. Instead, there is a constant back and forth between the client and the builder. canibuild is specifically designed to simplify this, providing builders with every answer they need.

The construction industry has many stakeholders ranging from sales consultants and architects to certifiers and surveyors. The list seems somewhat endless. However, this means that answering a client’s question instantly is somewhat impossible for a builder, as there is a lot to take into consideration. Planning rules; Site setbacks; Zoning; Budgets. The list goes on.

Can I build in this particular position? Is it possible to move it here instead? 

It’s important that we stick to the budget – I need you to guarantee that there will be no extra costs. 

Actually, we’ve had a look at the plans, can we move the structure? I don’t like it there anymore 

It is an endless spiral of questions all directed at the sales consultant. Each question needs time to be answered and must be thought through. The consultant must take into account council rules and regulations, property details, and prices in order to reach a conclusion, but being able to simply recall all this information instantly is impossible. This, however, often leads to tension between the client and the builder, causing uncertainty. 

Why can’t you just answer my question?

Haven’t you built before? You should know this

“Working in the construction industry for over a decade, I have witnessed this first-hand time and time again. This is why I am so passionate about canibuild and it’s abilities. With canibuild a user can simply search for a property and have all the answers listed on one easy to understand page – No more contacting the architect or council to ask questions. Instead, the sales consultant can immediately answer the question without hesitation allowing for constant communication between the client and the builder.”

Timothy Cocaro, Founder of canibuild

When looking at a property, users can virtually place their pre-uploaded designs on the block, finalising placement. As the structure is moved, canibuild automatically indicates whether a particular position is feasible. Approval status is depicted on the screen in seconds, ultimately taking the guesswork out of the construction process. 

Currently servicing Australia, New Zealand, The United States, and Canada, the application is disrupting the construction industry, one builder at a time.

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