canibuild is designed to help builders sell more, faster.

canibuild is an easy to understand, user-friendly application that helps speed up the otherwise prolonged construction sales process. Clients no longer need to wait long periods of time to have their questions answered. Now builders can answer all client questions instantly and quote them on the spot, maintaining effective communication with clients.

Keeping clients satisfied; It’s the key to closing deals faster and selling more products, helping your business stand out from the rest. 

Here are five examples of how canibuild can help you close deals faster and increase your sales.

Determine feasibility instantly

You can now easily determine the feasibility of a new structure on c
anibuild in just a few seconds thanks to the ‘planning rules’ feature. The feature ultimately highlights all necessary council rules and regulations on one easy to understand tab, providing users with all the information required about a property when building in just a quick click of a button.

Users can now view in-depth information about a property and check individual guidelines such as zoning, heritage conservation area, site acid sulfate soil, and other spatial information such as frontage and site coverage.

canibuild will automatically indicate whether fast track approval is possible or whether the new structure does not comply with regulations instantly as users move the structure around the property.

One page. All the designs.

The design tab on canibuild makes it even easier for builders to conduct business, showcasing all their designs on one easy to understand tab. Users can now scroll through all their designs immediately once they search for a property, categorising it by sub-groups. Clients can now make quicker decisions when deciding what floor plan they are interested in and what best suits their property.

Don’t imagine it. See it.

canibuild immediately places your chosen structure on your property, meaning that you no longer have to sit and imagine what the layout will look like, instead you have a clear illustration.

A decision that typically takes the clients a long time to decide on is now made simple thanks to canibuild. canibuild’s partnership with nearmap allows users to view high resolution imagery when using the application, providing high quality, clear illustrations of the placement, ensuring that clients are always satisfied.

Quote on the spot

The construction sales process is often prolonged due to the constant back and forth between the builder and client regarding cost. Moving away from the traditional method of site visits followed by a quote, canibuild now allows users to quote instantly on the spot, from anywhere in the world.

Users can now use the quoting tab on the side panel to add individual items, culminating in a full quote. Quotes generated on canibuild are available to download in just a few minutes.

Not only does it allow clients to feel satisfied knowing their builder provides them quickly, honest answers, but this way, you as the builder ensure that you are quoting correctly, never missing a thing!

Don’t wait for your plans.

Waiting for architectural plans can typically take weeks, prolonging the construction sales process significantly. Now with canibuild, there’s no need to wait anymore. Architectural plans for your pool designs can be ordered online and are ready to be downloaded by users in less than twenty four hours.

Builders no longer need to rely upon architects and draftsmen to spend hours working on an individual plan. All you have to do now is just click ‘order,’ and canibuild will do all the work for you.

As a builder, It’s important that the client is always kept satisfied, and architectural plans in less than twenty four hours will certainly exceed their expectations. It’s the perfect way to close a deal quickly and jump straight onto approvals.

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