A display village is every client’s first stop when wanting to build a new home. Hundreds of beautifully executed homes, all on display.

As a client walks through the center they begin to formulate an idea of their own dream home. The perfect kitchen space. The perfect backyard for the kids. The extra bedroom for the future. It’s an endless spiral of ideas culminating in the image of their perfect home. However, this means that when deciding on a builder, expectations are set high and the margin for error is zero, making the construction sales process a complex one.

Often, the plan that a client is insistent on fails to comply on a particular block of land. From land size and council to slope and zoning, there are many factors to take into account. 

With so many project home builders, creating a positive relationship with the client from the get-go is vital in order to win their business; this means that the ability to answer client questions instantly regarding these factors is important. 

The construction industry however, lacks innovation.  Instead, traditional methods such as hand-drawn plans and physical measurements are still heavily relied upon. Client’s are left to visualize the final product with no visual illustration; they are left for days with unanswered questions. A draftsman is expected to sit for hours, creating home and land packages by manually adding designs on blocks.

This design won’t work on this block of land, our draftsman will find a block that does 

Unfortunately, this property slopes. We cannot build this design here. 

It’s a slow process that is ripe for innovation.

Integrating construction and technology, canibuild is an application that is disrupting the construction industry one builder at a time. Targeting project home builders specifically, the newly released ‘unregistered block’ feature has simplified construction sales process.

Builders can place their home design on an unregistered block and instantly understand the feasibility of the new build. The application highlights council rules, regulations and setbacks indicating whether the build complies for fast tracked approval. It’s the ultimate tool that is saving project home builders time and money.

Home and land packages are now instantaneous, no longer reliant on draftsmen. Simply pick any block and see which design fits best in seconds. 

To learn more about this feature, book in your free one on one demonstration and start your free trial

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